Spanish Australian Preschool

The Spanish Australian Preschool is a unique educational centre that delivers the Australian Early Years Learning Framework in a bilingual (Spanish/English) and cross-cultural environment.


We’re currently taking enrolments for January 2023. Book a tour and come spend some time with us, learning about SAPS.

Educational Curriculum

We offer a cross-cultural curriculum that is fluid and progressive and follows the practices and outcomes of the Australian EYLF.


Bilingual Program

The program in our bilingual school runs using inquiry and child-initiated projects where activities will not happen in isolation.

Welcome to the Spanish Australian Preschool

The Spanish Australian Preschool is an initiative of Bilingual Schools Australia. We provide children with the opportunity to cement their knowledge of Spanish and English while travelling through their early years. We offer a holistic approach to education with experiences planned with the children at the centre of our program.

Our values

Empathy. Excellence. Community

Our aim is to foster understanding of the world through Bilingualism. We deliver the EYLF in both Spanish and English, promoting cross-cultural understanding and being inclusive of all cultures. We believe focusing on our families, our educators, and our community play a fundamental role in the success of our program. As reflected on our dedication to professional development, we are deeply committed to continuous improvement to ensure the best care is given to our children, thus enabling them to reach their potential.

Our values work intersected with each other, constituting our why, thus guiding our mission.


Empathy is at the heart of our why. We aim to develop leaders for the future that have the capacity to connect with others while viewing the world with an open mind. Empathy is the result of enhanced executive function, which is a proven consequence of bilingualism.


Excellence through the lens of bilingualism means potentially better academic performance, but also kinder leaders. There is evidence that suggests that literacy and numeracy skills are improved in those exposed to more than one language.


Community is who we are. Our mission is to provide a service for the Australian community, and in doing so, preparing leaders for the global community, in a way that national and international opportunities don’t bypass them.